My interest in art began in the fifth grade, but I wasn’t really passionate about it until high school. I was lucky enough to have several art teachers who took an interest in me and my work. I wasn’t sure, at that point, if I would be able to pursue any kind of career with my work, but I was encouraged to take the next step and study art on a college level.

I studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. I explored every media I could. That includes Drawing, painting, sculpture, metalwork, glassblowing, etching, lithography, pen and ink, and photography.  My favorite method was working with charcoal. I usually worked in the inverse method. My usual subject matter was usually figure based. I focused heavily on anatomy and art history.

After college I didn’t want to do gallery work or more commercial work.  I felt like the fine art world was caught up in its own ego, and was no longer raw, personal, or even relevant. That’s when I became interested in tattooing. I believed it was everything fine art was not, and with my interest in anatomy, it was just a natural transition.

My goal with my tattoo work has been to attempt to combine fine art with more traditional styles of tattooing. My favorite styles are traditional Japanese work and early Americana. Two artists who influence my work are Caravaggio and Bert Grimm. My ultimate goal would be to somehow blend their styles along with my own to create work that is based in the fine art world, but with the fundamentals of early American tattooing.